Author Topic: How to use the *57 Call Trace feature  (Read 8307 times)

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How to use the *57 Call Trace feature
« on: March 15, 2010, 08:19:39 AM »
In order to effectively log a trace on the last incoming call, you must follow these steps:

Pick up the phone to get a NEW dial tone, immediately following the call you wish to trace
Press *57
Listen to the recording
If your trace is successful, press 1 to continue as specified by the automated recording
Log the date and time *57 was used
If your trace is unsuccessful, log the date and time *57 was used
Call 877-451-1980
Press Option 3 to use the Call Trace Automated *57 Reporting System
Press Option 4 to speak with a Call Trace Representative to report date and time manually
Contact Local Law Enforcement Agency (local police or sheriff?s department) so they may request trace results on your behalf.

Only Law Enforcement can request trace results. If you want to find out the results then you will need to contact your local law enforcement.