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Caller ID on TV
« on: February 18, 2014, 04:31:38 PM »
Caller ID on TV is a free service from Mediacom that works on a number of our different cable boxes.

To enable/disable these boxes on Mediacom?s TiVo product, please go to Menu (TiVo Central), select ?Settings & Messages?, then select ?Settings?, select ?Displays?, select ?Caller ID? and then select ?Display? to turn this feature on and ?Do  Not Display? to remove this feature. 

To enable/disable this on a Non-TiVo digital box, then you will need to log into the Mediacom CommPortal (  and go into ?Settings?, then ?Calls? and from in this section you can enable or disable this feature.

To log into CommPortal, you will need to use your telephone# and voicemail passcode for the password. If you do not have a voicemail  password and have not set a password previously, use the PIN number listed on  your bill.
This feature is available on the following boxes:
  Motorola - DCH3200HD     
  Motorola - DCT6208     
  Motorola - DCH3416       
  Motorola - DCT6412     
  Motorola - DCH6200     
  Motorola - DCT6416     
  Motorola - DCH6416     
  Motorola - DCX3200     
  Motorola - DCT3416     
  Motorola - DCX3300     
  Motorola - DCT5100     
  Motorola - DCX3400     
  Motorola - DCT6200     
  Motorola - DCX700     
  Pace Tahoe - TDC779X
  Pace Apache - DCX700X
  Pace Aspen - TDC787X
  Pace Dallas - RNG200N
  Pace Denali - RGN150N
  Pace Seattle - RNG110R
  Pace Tahoe - TDC778X
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