Author Topic: what is best setup to use with mediacom?  (Read 1084 times)

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what is best setup to use with mediacom?
« on: December 27, 2012, 01:33:40 PM »
Im just learning now that you can buy your own box. what is best box to use with mediacom? what are the advantages of owning your own box? when you purchase your own box, is it a smooth operation? thanks to anyone who can give me insight on this to me.

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Re: what is best setup to use with mediacom?
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2012, 02:17:15 PM »
I also posted this a reply to your inquiry under renting VS owning cablecards
This is the setup I have. 2nd floor TV is an HDTV with a TIVO DVR connected to it and using a cable card. The main floor HDTV has a Mediacom HD converter box connected to it. With the HD converter box we receive Mediacoms HD channels (800 series) on the main floor TV. With the cablecard in the TIVO we also receive the HD channels through the TIVO. We just upgraded our Mediacom service to the HD channels. I called the "customer loyalty" department and was able to get a better package at lower cost. Basically the TIVO DVR (third party box) does exactly the same as the HD converter box. Since the TIVO includes recording capabilty  we do not have a Mediacom DVR. But here is the deal: to use TIVO there is its own subscription of about $10 per month to consider, just as there would be the rental of the box direct from Mediacom. So either way, rental of a box from Mediacom or using a 3rd party box like TIVO you are probably going to end up spending about the same I think. If I wanted to for example I could replace the HD converter box with another TIVO and even if they reduced the bill becauase I wasn't using their box I'd still pay the TIVO subscription. This doesn't address the streaming point you brought up but is just looking at getting HD channels on an HDTV with recording capability.


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Re: what is best setup to use with mediacom?
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2012, 03:29:37 PM »
Hello mikefrombethany,

I will be happy to help you with this. Are you wanting to get your own DVR or cable box?

If I understand the question correctly, you can get a Tivo, and rent one of our M-Cards for 1.99/month that can be paired with it to use with our cable service.

Let me know if this helps you at all and if you have any other questions or issues.