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General Support / MOVED: I'm about done.
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General Support / MOVED: downloading POP email fails
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In compliance with the FCC mandate, Mediacom is participating in the first nationwide Emergency Alert System on Wednesday , November 9th at 2.00pm Eastern Time. This will test the reliability of this system to alert the public of national emergencies. As a result, your TV service will be temporarily impacted for 30 seconds.

When this event is triggered, all customers who are currently watching VOD content will be forced to the EAS channel. There is a possibility that the system will be under heavy load for 15 minutes while the streams are resumed. During this time there may be a delayed response from the system and some errors as a result.

If your programming does not resume after the 30 second test please do the following:

Channel up or down on with your remote control. If that does not correct the issue, unplug your cable box from the electrical outlet. Wait 30 seconds and then plug it back in.

To learn more about this test please visit

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