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Wow - found a topic site! I have had Mediacom for several years now.  I am having such major problems with getting anyone at Mediacom to help me resolve the internet issue I'm experiencing.  I'm paying for a service that is not being met.  My internet is consistently being 'dropped off' or very slow.  I am a gamer, playing online MMO's and boy does that interfere with play - as well as doing business etc on my internet.  I dont have the time to keep calling and having no resolvement of this issue.  After researching, it seems to be a consistent problem with the speeds on the mediacom internet - regardless of which level people are subscribed to.  I pay for the fastest service - with very very poor results.  I have been patient and courteous - without results.  I have had several techs out - I have had two 'scheduled appointments' for techs - that were no-shows - who reports they called several times and no one was home - which I was and my phone is in working order.  I'm not stupid - Mediacom is dropping the ball!  I'm so frustrated right now.  I'm looking for answers here - so if anyone has any inputs - please share.   I really dont want to change my service provider - but wow - I'm getting tired of this. 

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