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Internet Support / High BW Loss outside of Huntsville, AL
« on: October 02, 2011, 08:58:44 PM »
I live in Meridianville, AL just outside of Huntsville, AL. I have reported the problem a few times, and a tech has been sent out before. The frequent disconnects and poor cable quality seem to have stopped with the most recent visit, but the terribly slow internet speeds have remained.

Here is a SpeedTest result at a bad time, and I've seen much worse results.

My ping is usually around 45 ms to that SpeedTest server, and I should be getting 25 mbps down, 2 up. During what I believe to be off-peak times the internet speeds are usually around 13 mbps. Only rarely will I ever see it jump up above 20 mbps. The results are never consistent either. Every SpeedTest is always off from the previous.

From what I have looked at, the signal seems fine on the modem, and it's definitely not a problem with the router as I have connected my laptop directly to the modem to get the same results.

I understand that this may be a over-subscription problem, but the high pings and ultra slow speeds are unacceptable. It makes any online game nearly impossible to play during the peak hours.

Everyone that I game with locally also has Mediacom, and I hear all of the same complaints about their internet as what I have already said. I also commonly have roughly the same ping as people in the UK to servers in the US.

I am considering switching to Comcast as it's the only other option in the area, but I don't know if they will be any better, but if the internet doesn't improve, anything will be better.

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