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Internet Support / Constant Internet Disruption
« on: September 23, 2011, 10:58:43 PM »
The mediacom connection for the Huntsville, Alabama area has been complete garbage. I use the word garbage due to the lack of a better term to describe the services are being provided to me. At first, I was receiving the same problems everyone else on the forum is complaining about: Bad/slow connections and a bad download speed from After many complaints, I was told that the problem was on my end (which seems the be the number one excuse for mediacom when they don't know how to fix the problem). No matter how many times people were sent to fix the problem, they constantly fail. Now, my connection is fine.. when I actually have a connection. Often my connection will drop, making online games unplayable and streaming horrible.
It's not "on my end" when so many other people are complaining about it. I have a friend in Ardmore with the same exact problems. Your people seem to either be lying to us, or have absolutely no idea what is going on and don't plan to fix it at all. This has been happening for at least 2-3 months now. The problem is growing very old and the decision to go with another ISP seems to be an easier choice day by day.

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