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Again, thank you.

- B

 Here are more speedtest results:  (10-22-11 thru 10-26-11)

Latency:          42          4886       39         51      40        46        40        26        30     
download:     14.60       0.16     16.27    8.89     8.78    9.41     15.60   16.53   13.95     
Upload:          1.89        0.03       1.90     1.79    1.87     1.86     1.46     1.60    1.74   

Thank you for checking into this issue. My faith in Mediacom is still hanging in there. 

- B

Just another speedtest update:
      Date:      GMT time:          Latency:                      Download:                    Upload:
   10/12/11 3:36pm                  42                                7.12                              1.65
   10/12/11 09:20pm                26                               13.38                             1.85
   10/15/11 02:17am                42                               5.71  (crazy 5.71)          1.88               
   10/17/11 02:30pm                38                              15.98                              1.89
   10/18/11  9:48pm                 27                               6.99 (crazy 6.99)           1.85

Today: 10/18/11   download: 2.92   and upload 1.87 

What can I say?  Still shaking my head wondering what is the world is going on with my internet speeds.


Just posting an update on my speedtests for this morning.
Ping: 42
Download: 7.12
Upload 1.65
Download: 6.60
Upload: 1.85

:(   -B

Sounds great  thanks!  :)

(I just tested through Tenn.   The results are horrid  lol!   Ping at 135, download 8.4, upload 1.78) The other sites were much much better.  That was the first time I had such a bad scan. 

I'll recheck tomorrow w the post.   

Thanks again,
 - B

Hi Chris,

Yep, I do a range of site testing, plus also test with speakeasy. 

- B

Ok here is an update:  Still sluggish on the internet speed, lags, slow loads.

 Here are my recent speedtest results:

Latency:          41           26          26          26      40        40        26        57        40       58       42       42
download:     12.07    11.19     14.12   14.98    16.16   17.05   16.41   15.79   15.95   9.78   13.24   10.62   
Upload:          1.69       1.90        1.83     1.86     1.88     1.90      1.88     1.88    1.89    1.82     1.83     1.86

How do these look? 

- B

lol... no just one computer  :)      The reading for 17 is not the usual....but with the  Mediacom Max internet choice - should this not be higher than that?  I will spot check the readings still and especially if I get kicked off-line or seem laggy ... I'll do a speed test and see what its running.   

Thank you for your help - really appreciate it!

BJ  :) :)

Regarding your question about the modem.  The Mediacom internet cable it hooked into the modem and then to the computer.   Is there another way maybe it suppose to be? 

I just re-tested   using the  my download 17.05 and upload is 1.90.  The  previous readings posted was from speakeasy download speed 6.64 and upload 1.84.  On the speedtest reading download averaged 6-14...but this morning 17. 

Yesterday and today...   my readings are:   download speed 6.64 and upload 1.84.  :( 

The slow-downs and disconnects are random.  From the - I've been recording for several months -   average ping is 45, downloads averaging 6-14, and uploads 8.


Internet Support / Re: High BW Loss outside of Huntsville, AL
« on: October 03, 2011, 01:06:58 PM »
I've been recording my "pings" and up-and-down loads  for several months - which consistently sucks.  My average ping is 45, downloads averaging 6-14, and uploads 8.  I am paying for the fastest speed available from Mediacom. Hopefully...especially since we have MediacomDallas with us... we can get an extra push to get this resolved. 

:)   BJ

Internet Support / Re: High BW Loss outside of Huntsville, AL
« on: October 03, 2011, 12:57:01 PM »
Wow - I had just posted the same complaint!  I actually am in your same area - I posted for Huntsville - which is the 'main' area.  This is the same identical problem for me.  I have have had several techs to come in and two techs tell me my equipment and 'inside' lines are fine - that the 'surges' through their (Mediacom's) lines are what the problem is - and this will continue to kick me off-line until they 'fix' it.   I am also a gamer - which really really impedes my playtime - as well as my business time.  Hope we can 'push' to get this resolved.  I have also entertained the idea of switching to another - but, I have had Mediacom for years - and seems this is all within the last 10 months that I'm having this same issue. 


Wow - found a topic site! I have had Mediacom for several years now.  I am having such major problems with getting anyone at Mediacom to help me resolve the internet issue I'm experiencing.  I'm paying for a service that is not being met.  My internet is consistently being 'dropped off' or very slow.  I am a gamer, playing online MMO's and boy does that interfere with play - as well as doing business etc on my internet.  I dont have the time to keep calling and having no resolvement of this issue.  After researching, it seems to be a consistent problem with the speeds on the mediacom internet - regardless of which level people are subscribed to.  I pay for the fastest service - with very very poor results.  I have been patient and courteous - without results.  I have had several techs out - I have had two 'scheduled appointments' for techs - that were no-shows - who reports they called several times and no one was home - which I was and my phone is in working order.  I'm not stupid - Mediacom is dropping the ball!  I'm so frustrated right now.  I'm looking for answers here - so if anyone has any inputs - please share.   I really dont want to change my service provider - but wow - I'm getting tired of this. 

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